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Show Your Customers You Mean Business

The Canadian Choice Award recognizes businesses, companies, and professionals who stand out for their great products, services, and exceptional customer service.

Our winners are chosen based on feedback from thousands of real clients and customers – their opinions and reviews make the decision.

Learn more about the benefits you receive as a Winner and Nominee.



Elegant Trophy
Opt for a beautifully crafted trophy, a mark of your hard work and dedication, suitable for display at your place of business or office.
Winner Badge
Proudly showcase a digital badge on your website, email signatures, and online platforms, letting everyone know you’re among the best in Canada.
Marketing Goodies
Celebrate your win with a digital celebration kit, provided to every winner. Additionally, elevate your brand’s presence with custom graphics and promotional materials, tailored to bring out the distinctiveness of your achievement.
Increased Visibility
Being a winner means getting featured on our website, social media, and other platforms, reaching a wider audience and potential customers.
Enhanced Credibility
Potential clients and partners will view your business with greater trust and respect, knowing you’ve been recognized for excellence.
Supporting Local Communities
By winning, you’re not just elevating your business but also putting a spotlight on your community, leading to potential local collaborations and growth.
Standout Acknowledgement
Gain valuable exposure and publicity as a nominee of the Canadian Choice Awards. Get your business showcased across various social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and potential customers.

Official Nominee Badge
Proudly display the exclusive “Nominated” badge on your website and marketing materials, instantly boosting your credibility and showcasing your recognition as an excellent business.
Increased Sales and Growth
The recognition from a nomination can lead to increased customer trust and loyalty, potentially boosting sales and fostering growth.
Custom Marketing Materials
We’ve got some exclusive marketing goodies waiting for you. Think official nominee posters and slick ad graphics – perfect for showing off your nomination with style.
Exclusive Industry Recognition
Join the ranks of top-notch businesses making waves. Your nomination speaks volumes about your excellence in the industry.
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