Show your customers you mean business

Canadian Choice Award identifies businesses, companies and professionals who have set themselves apart for their excellent products and services, and exceptional customer service. 

Our winners are determined by thousands of actual clients and customers – and their views and reviews make the difference.

Learn more about the benefits you receive as a Winner and Nominee.



'Winner' badge and branding
Unlike other award programs, you are the only winner in your city and category. No other business can claim that! Display the CCA logo proudly.
Get more customers
Consumers love winners! Use your CCA award to get more publicity and win the hearts, minds and business of prospective buyers.
Media opportunities
CCA helps businesses shine. Our social campaigns and advertising will highlight your business as the best in your market.
Raise brand loyalty
Discover the power of brand loyalty and return customers. Clients and customers want to continue buying from the best.
Promote great reviews
Ratings and reviews are the most important publicity. Watch as great ratings convince potential buyers to choose you over your competition.
Huge social media buzz
Your personalized badge and logo for the award will make headlines on digital. Show off your badge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more!
Personalized ‘Nominated’ badge
Every nominee gets a personalized Nominated badge which they can display proudly on their website and social media.
Real verified testimonials
Canadian Choice Award is different from most other awards because of the verification process for nominees. It ensures only legitimate entrants are entered.
Showcase USP
Your USP has won you nomination in CCA. Now, you can promote what makes your business stand apart from the competition.
Social media promotion
As a nominee you will reap the full benefits of CCA. Make some noise as you encourage clients and customers to vote for you.
Highlight values
Ranking among the top performers is great for your public image. As a nominee, you’ll get a lot of attention for it.
Garner publicity
Canadian Choice Award will be going all out to promote all nominees. Ride the wave and benefit from the publicity we’ll be generating.