Recognizing the Small Business Owner

Small and mid-size businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy. Thousands of successful businesses, inspired by innovation and excellent and personable customer service, do not receive the recognition they deserve. In all the noise meted by the big multinationals, the companies and businesses that make a real difference to peoples’ lives are unable to showcase themselves. 

Our Process

Our Methodology

We use a three step process to give the real buyers of products and services a voice. They are the ones who will nominate exceptional businesses. 



Our Process


Our Process


Proudly Canadian

We are a proudly Canadian company. Our founders are the same entrepreneurs and SMB business owners as you, striving to perform exceptionally. We understand the challenges of showcasing the great work you do and it’s with that mission that Canadian Choice Award has established a transparent and accountable process for finding the crème de la crème across industries.

Canadian Choice Award is a Canada-wide program. We extend beyond the major metropolitan areas, into smaller towns and cities. Commercial scales may differ, but the importance of customer-driven recognition remains the same in all communities.

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